Tuesday, February 22, 2005

People Power. In Libano come in Ucraina

E' la prospettiva ipotizzata in questo articolo di Amir Taheri, sul New York Post.
«Did Damascus see Hariri as the only politician capable of uniting the Lebanese opposition against Syria's continued domination of virtually all aspects of Lebanon's life? If so, it was correct — but only in the context of Lebanon's elite-dominated politics. Yet Hariri's murder has ended elite politics by bringing into the picture a new element. That element is people power, the same force that swept away the totalitarian regimes of Central and Eastern Europe in the 1990s and, more recently, led Ukraine into a second liberation... The genie of people power has come out of the bottle and no amount of political chicanery will send it back in».
A proposito di Medio Oriente, JimMomo non può che aderire alla giornata internazionale di mobilitazione per la liberazione dei blogger iraniani Arash Sigarchi e Mojtaba Saminejad.

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