Thursday, December 15, 2005

La questione della Fratellanza

Joshua Muravchik riprende sul Wall Street Journal la questione dei Fratelli Musulmani usciti vincitori delle elezioni parlamentari in Egitto e sostiene la tesi della «collusione» con il regime dietro il loro successo. Sono un problema per la democrazia, ma un rischio che dev'essere corso, come avevamo provato a spiegare qui.
«Is there a danger that the Brotherhood could ride to power through the democratic system and then destroy it, as Hitler once did? Yes, there is. But there is a rising tide of democratic sentiment in the Middle East, and if it leads to the triumph of democracy in Egypt, it will not be so easy to turn around and snuff it out... Of course such parchment barriers can be overridden by raw force. The risks cannot be reduced to zero. But the bold policy of democratizing the Middle East, like any grand undertaking that promises substantial rewards, cannot be risk free».
I Fratelli Musulmani sono un «pericolo reale» anche per Bernard Lewis:
«The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt represents a real danger. Yet if they come into power they will have to cope with the monstrous problems Egypt faces. If, like the theocracy in Iran, they fail to deal with these problems, they will have to face the anger of their own people. The danger: they wouldn't leave office by the same way they came, through free elections».

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